Champion Shann's Toy Story, aka Tutti,  came to my home as a baby during the summer of 2000.  She quickly grew into a beautiful little girl.  Her attitude,  and personality imbedded itself deeply in my heart, she is now the most cherished  frenchie  (or d-o-g)  I'll ever  have.   Tutti finished her championship with 2- 5 point majors, and quickly let it be known showing was not her cup of tea....I decided to let her be a mommy...and Sissy is a result of one union.....Tutti is royalty and as such is catered to as all royalty should be.   I am her willing servant, she has but to do that funny little howl of her's and I come running.....if you don't believe this, just ask any of my family or friends!

February 5, 2014.....the most precious and beloved furchild left me on this day.  All of my days ahead will be lived with a hole in my heart....I miss you sweetness.......until we meet

February 5, 2015....a year has past, the hole is there....I am struggling still but see that life is good.....Tutti is with me every day....someday my precious........we will be you always, mom

December 2015.......Merry Christmas are with me always.