In Februray 2015, I drove down to TN with B for a breeding to Lionheart's Wild Buckeroo Legend "Willy".  The resulting litter of 4 were  born mid April.  The pedigree "clicked", a term we breeders use to describe the positive results of a successful breeding.  I have been very happy with the quality of the puppies, the degree of consistency and type is quite possibly the nicest breeding I have done.  I wish I had kept all 4 puppies, and waited till they were 14 weeks old before placing the first, then a week later I took the second puppy to Alaska.  Finally at 4 months, I placed the 3rd puppy with my vet and good friend, who wanted a show puppy.  I kept a girl, who I call Hazel, after my paternal grandmother.
  I am so happy with Hazel, she finished her Canadian championship in 2 weekends out, and her highlight was going Best Of Breed and a Group 2, along the way she won Best Puppy and other top honors.  Hazel also took her first major and 2 singles her first weekend in the ring and even better, her second major and singles her second weekend out.  She has not been shown in the US since as there are wonderful plans in order for her finishing at a select series of shows.  I am very proud of this litter and the potential the 2 show puppies have for the future.
#1 FRENCH BULLDOG IN CANADA 2016....for more than 20 years I've loved this breed of dog.  I have quite literally become a willing slave to the french bulldogs that dwell in my home is their home.  Almost everything I do is for my frenchies.  
   On a day a couple of years ago a seed was planted, and as I thought on the offer presented to me by friends,, the tiny idea sprouted and grew and blossomed.  I am a small breeder, I have always done my best for my dogs, but have stayed within my means.  This offer gave me the tremendous opportunity to bring one of my puppies into the world of super stardom......and so the WESTMINSTER dream was born.

2016, February.  The eve of that dream has come and gone, Westminster is a mist in the past.  But, because of the wonderful guidance, and support of my friends and partners in my dream, Anne McIntyre, Pat Berry and William Stoyka, this dream became a reality......Hazel was presented at the 2016 Regional Specialty by Marcelo Chagas, a consumate professional.  Hazel garned Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under Mr. Ed Bivin.  I had no doubt of Hazel's outstanding quality, but to see her in the capable and magical hands of Marcelo was beyond description............and then Monday morning, 2/15 dawned very early, out the door we went to the Westminster Kennel Club show.....again, Hazel won her class with Marcelo showing.  With deep gratitude to my friends, I now present Champion Crestagard's Tattletail Mae   "Hazel".

April 2016.....I need to mention that Hazel is being "specialed" in Canada and is being handled by a world class handler, Mr. William Alexander.  She has been beautifully and skillfully guided by Will and is Canada's #1 Frenchie !!!  I am so proud to say I bred Hazel as well as her beautiful siblings.  Her brother Bug finished his American Championship with 4 majors!!!

2016 will live in my memory as the year I reached my personal goals.  I have been given my dream.  and I am thankful in all ways.