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My soulmate, queen of my heart Champion Shann's Toy Story "Tutti" ,with me in spirit always......I love you Tutti.

Hello.......come inside for a visit.  Frenchies have been my passion since the early 1990's.  As you peruse these pages, you will quickly fall in love with this entertaining, precious breed.  If you have questions regarding companion frenchies, showring competition, the whelping box, or basics in health and nutrition, I have the knowledge to help you.   If there are questions I can't help you with, and I am constantly learning,  I will  search for answers or direct you to other reputable and knowledgeable frenchie folk.

          Crestagardfrenchies........Bev McCann      

To learn about new litters, or availability of one of my frenchies, please sign up on my mailing list at the bottom of this page.  I periodically send notices to all that are on the list.


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